Sunstone and Moonstone Sphere

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This listing is for 1 Sunstone and Moonstone Sphere. You will receive the sphere shown in these photographs.

This is such an incredible combination!

Sunstone and Moonstone are both varieties of feldspar - Sunstone contains hematite inclusions giving it a coppery sparkly effect, and Moonstone can display a flash effect of blue internal light called adularescence.  This rare and unique sphere is made of both types of stone together!

Rainbow Moonstone in a stone of feminine goddess energy. It encourages introspection and  heart-centered decision making. It can heighten psychic powers and intuition.

Sunstone holds the energy of the sun, and brings warmth and strength.  It encourages generosity and leadership, and increases confidence and personal power.  A powerful stone for motivation and manifestation.

 Diameter 57mm . Weight 211g

Photos are taken in natural light and are completely unedited.

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