Strawberry Quartz Tower

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This listing is for 1 Stawberry Quartz Tower. You will receive the same tower as shown in these photos.

There are two varieties of pink quartz – Rose Quartz and Strawberry Quartz. Strawberry Quartz is a much darker shade of pink, more opaque, and gets its color from iron oxide inclusions.

Strawberry Quartz is primarily a Stone of Joy. It enables us to see the happy, beautiful and pleasant aspects of Life. It increases optimism and positive thinking. If you have been stuck in a rut of negativity, pessimism, or depression, Strawberry Quartz helps to transform those feelings into more uplifting and supportive feelings. 

Height 92mm Base 24mm Weight 101g

Photos are taken in natural light and are completely unedited. 

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Stacey x