Pink Flower Agate Tower

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This listing is for one Pink Flower Agate Tower. You will receive the same Tower shown in these photographs.

This tower has lovely Green Flower Agate Inclusions!

Flower Agate is also called Cherry Blossom Agate because of the creamy Chalcedony flowers that you can see blooming in the pretty pink Agate. 

This crystal is only found in Madagascar, an island off the East coast of the African Continent. Madagascar is a land of very unique flora, fauna and geology.  It broke away from the Ancient supercontinent Gondwanaland 165 million years ago and has been isolated ever since. It's incredibly diverse and unique landscape created plants, animals and CRYSTALS that are found nowhere else on Earth! 

Pink Flower Agate is connected to the heart chakra and will help you with inner peace, empathy and joy. The connection to the root chakra will help you feel more calm and release stress and anxiety.

Height 92mm  Base 30×18mm Weight 104g

All photos are taken in natural light and are completely unedited.

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Stacey xx