Fossilized Sea Urchin

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This listing is for 1 Sea Urchin Fossil. I have several available, message me if you would like more than 1. 

This is a Fossilised Sea Urchin from Madagascar, it is about 65 million years old. This little guy was once a living ocean creature, his spines have disappeared and his usually fragile exoskeleton has been transformed into rock.

Sea Urchins are still found in abundance today, along with their Echinoderm cousins the Starfish.  

Sea Urchin Fossils align you with the power of the Ocean while providing you stability, security and focus in times of personal change.

This Fossil will connect you with the ebb and flow of the  Ocean's energy, the patience and power of time and tide. 

The fossil is 60mm diameter Weight 111g

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Stacey xx