Dreamcatcher - Tigers Eye

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Dreamcatchers originate with the First Nations People of what is currently southern Canada, the northern Midwestern United States, and Northern Plains.

The Ojibwe people made the "spider web charm"; a hoop with woven string or sinew cteated to replicate a spider's web. According to Ojibwe legend, the protective charms originate with the Spider Woman, known as Asibikaashi.

The ring of the dream catcher stands for giizis (sun) that travels each day across the sky.  This ring is Willow from my neighbour's beautiful rambling garden. I weave the ring from new Spring green growth and let it dry for several weeks until it has become strong enough to hold the Web.

The Web is believed to draw in and filter out bad dreams and evil spirits. The beads and stones represent the happy dreams and wishes caught and kept.

The hanging feathers and tails are Kangaroo Leather and natural Emu feathers. These represent the wind and the breathe of life. 

The crystals are Tiger's Eye, Blue Apatite, raw Black Tourmaline, raw Aegerine and Sandalwood for the delicious fragrance. 

The ring measures 11cm diameter and the full length is 40cms

All photos are taken in natural light and are completely unedited. 

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Stacey xx