Rose Quartz Bowl

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This listing is for 1 Rose Quartz bowl. You will receive the exact bowl in the photographs.

This is 100% natural Rose Quartz. 

Rose Quartz is the love stone. Shaped into a bowl it is the perfect vessel to place affirmations and treasures in. I use a Rose Quartz bowl in my daily life as a tool of gratitude and joy.

I'm certainly not a religious person but I do like to have a little place in my home dedicated to a small morning ritual of gratitude. I keep fresh flowers, a candle, some pretty trinkets and whatever is sparking joy to me at the time. I like to rearrange these items each morning and spend a few moments feeling the simple pleasure this brings me. 

 I like to have a piece of Rose Quartz or even better, a bowl, in this alter of sorts. I place things inside that I love the most and would like to enjoy as part of my morning ritual.

height 113mm diameter 93mm weight 343g

Photos are taken in natural light and are completely unedited. 

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Stacey x