Prehnite Tower

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This Listing is for 1 large Prehnite Tower with partly raw faces. You will receive the crystal in these images. 

Prehnite was officially named in 1788 after a Dutch naturalist and mineral collector "discovered" it in South Africa. The indigenous people had been using Prehnite for millenia, known to them as a stone of prophecy. It was believed to bridge the gap between the physical and the spirit world.

Prehnite is considered a stone of dreaming; it is believed to increase the power of the dream state, strengthen lucid dreaming and promote communication with other planes of existence. It helps connect us to our spirit guides and angels and to listen to our own intuition.

Prehnite is helpful for all kinds of clearing and decluttering. Letting go of physical  possessions and also emotional patterns you no longer need.

 Measures 150mm tall, 45mm across base.  Weight 402g

Photos are taken in natural light and are completely unedited. 

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Enjoy xx