Nirvana Quartz Point Himalayan

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This listing is for one large natural point of Nirvana Quartz. You will receive the crystal shown in these photographs.

Nirvana Quartz is a relatively young variety of Clear Quartz crystal,  first discovered in 2006. Unfortunately, its discovery was the result of global warming. As the high altitude glaciers began to melt away, this crystal was revealed.

I wonder if this crystal is simply part of our journey in healing the Earth by changing our ways? Part of our collective Spiritual Evolution? 

This crystal is also often labelled as the ‘growth interference quartz’ and is only found in the Himalayan mountain range located in the north of India, where these quartz stones are formed beneath glacial layers of ice.

The unusual texture on its surface indicate the presence of Calcite, interfering with the crystalline structure we are accustomed to seeing on Clear Quartz.

Nirvana Quartz assists us in discovering and embracing the wisdom gained through all of life's experiences. It relieves feelings of " stuckness" by preparing us for transformation and forward movement. Nirvana Quartz helps us to overcome feelings of victimization and unworthiness. It is an excellent tool for meditation, allowing you to access inner knowledge and align the heart and mind.

Measures 130mm long 60mm wide

Weight 629g

All photos are taken in natural light and are completely unedited.

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Stacey xx