Spheres and Palmstones

Crystal spheres are one of the most powerful shapes used in crystal healing. The perfectly curved  symmetry radiates positivity in all directions.  They bring harmonious energy to any space, place your favourite sphere in an area of your home that needs a little refresh of energy!

Palmstones are shaped and polished to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand and also show off the beauty of the crystal. They are a wonderful meditation tool held gently in the hand. This allows you to feel and see the crystal well while focusing your practice. Palmstones are also a perfect pocket stone to keep with you when you need its reassurance and healing. 

Tumbles are smaller crystal pieces mechanically polished to a fine finish by tumbling with an abrasive aggregate.  Because they are not individually shaped and are of a small size, this is usually an affordable size for everyone. 

They can be used in grinding and as a pocket or as I call them a "bra" stone! Sometimes I put a little stone in my bra or crop top to carry next to my skin without anyone seeing it.